Savo Photography is us, husband and wife team Eric & Siobhan.  Siobhan quite literally “bumped” into Eric late one night on a street corner (I know!) in Durty ole Dublin, way back when they were both young and almost good-looking. The month was October (he says November), the year was 1998 (they agree on that one). Let's just say there was chocolate involved.  They got married and now live in the beautiful wilds of Wicklow with their amazing kids (Thomas + Tess) and their goofy dog (Chomper).

Eric was born and raised on the shores of Eastern Canada, he upped sticks and moved to Ireland in 1998. He is the photographer of the duo and travels throughout Ireland,  Europe and the World to capture the thrills and excitement of weddings of all sizes. Eric will guide you through everything up to your wedding day, treating you to coffee and chats along the way. He’ll be making all the calls when it comes to your wedding imagery. With a unique style that blends photojournalism & fine art photography, Eric is one of Ireland's most experienced, sought-after and respected freestyle wedding photographers.

Siobhan was born and raised on the Eastern shores of Ireland……… OK, enough of that.   Siobhan takes care of all the beauty that happens after your wedding.  She will take you through the process for your wedding books and printing / framing needs. Siobhan designs your wedding books like a boss, all the while drinking good strong cups of tea. She does not travel far and wide, she stays home. She says the background stuff has it's own little glories and victories. That’s the way she likes it.

Recent accolades and awards include being named as Ireland's Photographer of the year, listed on a 2015-2016 tally of the world's 100 best wedding photographers, having photographs selected from a pool of over 40,000 as one of the 50 best wedding photographs of the year and recently awarded a coveted spot in Rangefinder magazine's 30 rising stars of wedding photography.