2016 In Review

Sifting through a years worth of wedding photographs (some 30,000+ images) to choose a small percentage to include in an 8 minute slideshow is not a task that one necessarily looks forwards to.  But when you get stuck in and start to look over all of the weddings, it draws you right back to the days and all the beautiful, tender, funny, nervous and excited memories come rushing back. I often tell couples that I feel incredibly flattered that they would ask me to join them on the day. Truth is,  I’m not only flattered, but extremely fortunate to witness the humanity that is the backbone of every wedding.

I’ll always be an empathetic photographer. Respectful of emotions and ceremony. Meaning is important to me, as is context. Hopefully this comes across in the slideshow below. I know that my favorite photos from a couple’s wedding are rarely their favorite's,  and that’s OK. I just hope they get at least as much enjoyment out of looking at them as I do.

Thank you 2016 couples. Future couples, I look forward to hearing from you. Get in touch here.

eric savoie3 Comments