New York City Wedding : Yoni + Tamara

In the latter bits of 2014, I received an email from Tamara + Yoni asking if I was available to photograph their wedding in New York. As it happened, their wedding (which was only a few weeks away) fell in the middle of a two week break that had been intended for something else. I mentioned the possibly of going to New York to my wife, who reacted with and excited “lets go!”. It didn't take long for Tamara, Yoni + myself to get a Skype session organized and talk about the details.

Tamara + Yoni had only met 6 months previous at a masquerade party. I was told how Tamara, dressed as a lion, and Yoni, dressed as one of the Droogs from A Clockwork Orange, knew it was meant to be. I was told as well, that it was going to be a full on Jewish wedding.

If photographing a 300 person Jewish wedding in New York City wasn't exciting enough, Tamara + Yoni asked if I could arrange a 2nd photographer. I turned to good friend, fellow Cahooter, and exceptional wedding photographer - Dave McClelland. If you’re a photographer reading this, Dave needs no introduction. He’s simply one of the best photographers in the land, a man with a gift. Dave and I approached the wedding in full spirit of Cahootery, a creative  collaboration, with each of us taking equal responsibility.

I could write pages and pages about this wedding. Sharing my first real experience of New York with my wife Siobhan, and two close friends, Dave and his wife, Dee.  How exciting (and challenging) it was to photograph a wedding that felt so different from what I was used to. How amazing it was that Tamara + Yoni trusted us from across the ocean to do what we do best - document weddings in meaningful and emotional ways.

The slideshow below is the product of the collaboration between myself and Dave, again in the spirit of Cahootery, Dave’s photo and my photos mingle together, compliment and sometimes contrast each other.

Huge thanks to Tamara + Yoni for having faith in us!

If you’re not a slideshow type person,  there’s a more tradition blog pulling out some of my favorite shots below. Dave has done the same with his (more than awesome) shots -  shoot over there and have a look.

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