Sarah + Rob : Marbella Wedding : La Cabane

To say I was excited when Sarah + Rob asked me to join them on their Marbella wedding adventure would be an understatement. In the first place, this would be my 3rd wedding in Marbella and knowing the beauty of the old city (and the watering holes) it peaked my interest. Secondly, this would be my 2nd time having the pleasure of joining Sarah’s family for a wedding. I was also at Sarah’s sisters wedding, Susan, the year before. I knew from Susan & Brian’s wedding that the Quain clan + their guests know how to celebrate weddings!

From the word go, Sarah + Rob’s wedding had a supremely laid back atmosphere overflowing with laughter and fun. Susan + Brian’s new born twins brought and extra element of celebration to the day. Marbella was as enchanting as ever, the sun shone and from what I hear, people danced until dawn on the Spanish coastline.

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