Showreel 2019/2020

In case there’s any confusion, I’m not exactly the typical wedding photographer. At least, I don’t do what you might expect a typical wedding photographer does at weddings. There’s no engineering of moments, no taking off for 2 hours while your guests enjoy themselves without you, no drama, no fuss…no pressure. The reason why I’m pointing this out is simple, I want couples to be clear on what they get when they hire me to be with them on their wedding. No misunderstandings. In the promotional piece below, I’ve been careful to choose images that represent what I do at weddings, and who I am as a wedding photographer. Highest on my list of priorities are the people. The couple are the center point, of course, but not too far away are the guests. Family and friends who the couple have extended the privilege of being able to witness their coming together, the penultimate of their love story so far. These are the subjects of most of the photography I’ll create at a wedding. While I know there are plenty of photographs I’ve created hung in beautiful picture frames around the world, I also know our most cherished photos are more often stuck on fridges with magnets, or pushed into the corner of a mirror. In a way, that’s the ultimate goal. To create meaningful photography of the people you love, the one’s that to put a smile on your face and want to see and be reminded of each and every day.

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