Approximately a year ago I received an email from Elizabeth enquiring about me being photographer at her wedding, in Australia. I’ve been to many European countries for weddings, Italy, Spain, Portugal (to name a few), but Australia was a completely different story. My first reaction was to politely decline and send on a few links to Australian photographers that I knew and respected. Thankfully, Elizabeth didn't  give up that easily. Over the next short while, she got back and thanked me for the referrals, but still wanted me to be her weddings photographer and asked if I’d reconsider. I realized that life was short and these opportunities do not come along very often. With that in mind, and a little (a whole lot) of encouragement from my wife, I was committed to going.

I had an amazing time. As long as the flights are, it’s soon forgotten when you get to your destination and start exploring. This one event has taught me that there are no real limits. Excuses are different from reasons, and you should never let excuses get in the way of living life.

Huge thanks to Elizabeth and Ryan for the amazing opportunity.

eric savoie7 Comments