Not traditional wedding photography.

Our specialty is creating an honest, natural visual narrative of your wedding day. Catching moments, big ones and small ones as naturally as possible. We love laughter - but when it’s natural and real. We also love tears and nervous looks. We like windswept hair, and the not-so-perfect reality of life. We don’t mind the rain or a veil blowing wildly in the wind. The giggles & the snorts. Guests laughing so hard they spill wine on themselves. Our photography is as much about how you feel as how you look. We are there to help and give direction when needed, but prefer situations that encourage authentic emotion. Honest & meaningful photography, that's what we do.

What about the family photos?

What would a wedding be without chasing around the family for a few ol' photos? While we do put emphasis on the naturalness of the photography, we also know family photos are important at weddings. We also believe couples who hire us want to spend a limited time away from their wedding doing them. Our approach to family photography at weddings is simple. We have a suggested list of 6-8 photos for immediate family. We understand that weddings aren’t all the same, so of course there is some variation expected on this list, but our interest is getting the key family “mantel piece” photos in a quick and efficient way so you can get back to the fun of the main event.