Art Albums

designed to be enjoyed for generations.

We offer the finest quality fine art wedding albums. They have been carefully chosen to reflect our creative approach and promise to showcase your wedding photography in the best possible way.

Designed using our “classic, clean & beautiful” philosophy, your wedding albums will look as fresh in 20 years as they did the day they where handed to you. Our fine art albums use a combination of traditional methods and the latest environmentally friendly materials, technology and techniques.

Every album is made by hand using best natural ingredients: paper, wood, linen, leathers. They offer a unique combination of traditional hand-sewn bindings coupled with contemporary design allowing them to open out flat with an almost invisible crease so each image is on full view.

The museum grade papers are made from acid free cotton rag with a gorgeous finish and are guaranteed not to fade for many decades. Each page is one large print, giving the album that unmistakable fine art feel. Your albums will be wrapped in a sleeve made from natural, unbleached cotton and then carefully placed in a sleek keepsake box.

Oh god - it’s absolutely gorgeous - we just went through it over a glass of vino - I’m crying again remembering it all!
— — Katie + Johnny


The Sizes

Our Fine Art Albums come in 5 sizes.

A choice between a most impressive 16*16 inch, classic 12*12 inch and modest 10*10 inch for the main albums. Smaller sizes are reserved for the parent albums, available in 8*8 inch or 6*6 inch. Parent albums are exact duplicates of the main album. All books start with a generous 30 pages, but can be made with to hold a monumental 120 pages, now that's a celebration!

Our albums come in a choice of 3 sizes for main albums

Our albums come in a choice of 3 sizes for main albums

The Papers

We offer 2 paper choices to go with our fine art albums. Both papers are outstanding in quality and both offer fully archival museum-grade certification - the only choice for a great depth and perfect presentation of your wedding images. All the beauty of fine art print enclosed in a book.

Matte Cotton Rag (premium) available in both straight and distressed edges (shown above)

Matte Cotton Rag (premium) available in both straight and distressed edges (shown above)

Matte Paper (Superior)

The clean, white matte paper renders superior image sharpness and an ultra-smooth surface. The extra weight gives this paper a soft, sumptuous feel and appearance as well as deep and crisp colours.

Weight: 240gsm
Print type: Fine Art Inkjet 12 color
Surface type: α-celulose with some brighteners
Appearance: Smooth, pure white, matte
Spread limit: 15-60 (30-120 pages.)
Depth of color/blacks: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

Matte Cotton Rag (premium)

Cotton rag is preferred by photographers for high quality art prints. The fine, slightly textured surface and feel of this paper is ideal for printing black and white and colour photographs, with impressive pictorial depth.

Weight: 310gsm
Print type: Fine Art Inkjet 12 color
Surface type: 100% cotton rag acid free, no brighteners
Appearance: Slightly textured, warm, matte
Spread limit: 15-40 (30-80 pages.)
Depth of color/blacks: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Just looked through the album with Christy and it’s safe to say we love it!! Thank you so much. Your so understanding and such a pleasure to work with.
— — Aileen + Christy

The Covers

you can judge our books by their covers

Beautiful, modern and timeless describe our selection of fabrics and coverings. A rare case where we actually do want you to judge a book by it's cover. Our Fine Art albums come with the highest quality cover materials and finishes. The more traditional genuine Italian leather, has a soft as butter feel. Our modern fabrics come in a choice of colours that range from earthy and pastel to bold and vibrant. We're confident there's a cover to match your personality, perfectly.

Top-quality, full grain Italian leather. Simply classic.

Top-quality, full grain Italian leather. Simply classic.

Premium Pastel Linens

Natural, hand woven linens in exquisite colours. The uneven fabric texture makes every cover unique. These beautiful hand-loomed linen fabrics are converted in-house and have a richly textured surface.

Premium Silks

We only choose the highest quality fabrics available. That is why we picked beautiful hand-loomed organic silk fabric all the way from India. Silk covers are available in many attractive colours and the texture of this fabric is quite unique.

Genuine leathers

Top-quality, full grain Italian leather. Simply classic.


We provide personalised attention to each and every project, so your customised cover will exceed expectations. Customisation delivers an extra, personal touch that will delight you for years to come. Choose one or multiple customisation features, including: embossing • laser etching • overprint • custom stamp



Embossing is a process of stamping the fabric with letter blocks at great pressure and temperature. We use one sans serif font (FUTURA) which is 1cm high. Available in plain (blind) or gold/silver color.


Laser Etching*

By using focused laser beam, we are able to burn into the fabric, wood or leather. The final effect depends on several variables including fabric type. *Only available on leather covers.

Fine Art Presentation Boxes

Our boxes are made from strong wooden core and wrapped in beautiful linens. Presentation boxes are available for both albums and prints and are offered in several types and sizes. All boxes are made to order so we can custom make most sizes to suit your individual need.


Lid BOXES (included)

A classic box design with a separate bottom and a lid which fit each other perfectly. The attached fawn-coloured ribbon assists in lifting the contents of the box. 



Create an impressive presentation by upgrading your box to match the cover of your album* like the one pictured here in Premium Pastel - Duck Egg and Silk Indigo. *Leather like and Genuine Leather not available.



Each Iris Box is tailor-made to fit your individual album and matched in cover fabric. Two wings envelop the album with discrete magnets to hold them in place.
* Genuine Leather not available.

The albums arrived, we are absolutely thrilled with them they are just gorgeous!!! Mum is so happy with hers too ☺
— — Ciara + Alistair



* A spread is 2 pages, right and left. When your book is opened and laid out flat, the entire footprint is referred to as a "spread".


* A spread is 2 pages, right and left. When your book is opened and laid out flat, the entire footprint is referred to as a "spread".


* A spread is 2 pages, right and left. When your book is opened and laid out flat, the entire footprint is referred to as a "spread".



Now that you've seen all the goodness of our Fine Art Books, you might have some questions on how to get the ball rolling. Here's a step by step break down of the process.

Spread vs Page

Over the next section, you'll notice us referring to spreads. A spread is simply any 2 facing pages in your book, right and left. When your book is opened and laid out flat, the entire footprint is referred to as a "spread".

Image Selection

A great book design requires great images, and curating your photography for your book is not an easy task. Each layout (spread) should contain images that work together and have harmony. When selecting, try and imagine how images will work together when placed on a page. Truth is, a wedding book can fit more images when the images can be easily grouped together. If your selection includes many images that don't gel together, then it's much harder to create an exceptional & cohesive design.

We like to dedicate at least one full spread of your wedding book to your guests. When you're choosing guest photos, imagine a collage of 10-12 images per spread and choose the photos that you'd like featured most on your "guest" spread. If there are too many shots of your guests to fit on one spread, no problem we'll span them across two spreads if needed.

How Many Images?

The guide on image count in your wedding book is roughly 2 photos per page. Our books start with 30 pages, so this would be roughly 60 photos. Really, it all depends on how the images flow. As mentioned, if we get a selection of images that work well together, it's easier to fit more in, comfortably.

How many pages?

Our books start with 30 pages / 15 spreads. Our book binding experts suggest 60 pages / 30 spreads as comfortable size and 70 pages / 35 spreads as a maximum. It might be considered that books with higher page counts start to become a little "blockish", and we suggest looking at the 12*12 inch option for books over 50 pages.

The process

There's roughly 3 ways for us to get started with your book design.

1) You choose the exact images you want in your book. Simply pass us a list of photos using the ID number at the end of each file name. For example, "Trish_Don_456.jpg" is the file name, and 456 is the ID.

2) You pass us a short list of the images (using the same method as above) you'd like in the wedding and we choose the rest. Basically, you're giving us some of the responsibility while also being sure your favs get in from the start.

3) You put us in the creative hot seat and let us choose all the images for your wedding book. A kind of photographers choice / directors cut.

From our experience, option 2 and 3 often yield the better book design.

Book Design and Feedback

Once we have your list of images or green light to proceed with our own selection, we'll get into designing your book layouts.

This process can take a bit of time, after all we want your book to be perfect. Once we have what we think is the best possible layout, we'll send you an email with a link to our on-line proofing service. Here you'll be able to see your book come to life. As much as we hope you love the 1st draft, we expect there to be some changes. All feedback and edit requests are made conveniently in the proofing system. You can ask to remove images, swap images or any other request you might have to make your book perfect. Once we've implemented the edits from the 1st draft, you'll be sent a 2nd draft. At this stage we hope to have gotten it perfect. If there are a couple more tweaks, then we go through the same steps. Getting things just right before you approve the book.

Printing + Binding

The layouts are perfect and you've approved the book design. Now, we package everything up and send your book(s) in for printing and binding. We hope your book comes back within 4 weeks, but it can take a wee bit longer at busier times. We'll get our book experts to courier your Fine Art Book(s) directly to whatever address suits you best.

Using your online gallery to share your image selection :

A convenient way of sharing your image selection with us is to create a "favorites" folder in your online gallery.

1: Navigate to your online gallery using the link + password supplied.

2: Top right of screen, choose “select photos”.

3: Click on photos you’d like to use in your album. A tick will appear when chosen.

4: After you’ve selected the photos choose “add to favorites” top right. Photos are now added to your collection.

5: Click on “Favorites: Selected For Purchase” top left.

6: Click on “Share Favorites” top right. “share with photographer" will be selected by default. Add short message, comments of questions.

All done, we'll receive notification of your selection.


We know it’s a lot of information to take in, and as much as we’ve tried to keep it simple, the options are complicated. If you have any questions at all, please give is a shout and we’d be happy to talk you through everything.